Conservative Radio Talker Joe Paggs Is Pretty Sure 'The Voice' Is Trying To 'Normalize' The Hajib

Even though I'm pretty liberal politically, I listen to more conservative talk radio than is probably good for my blood pressure. I did some talk radio in the past and I'm a fan of the medium. Most progressive talk radio is earnestly boring, but say what you will about their politics, conservative-oriented talkers know how to be entertaining. 

Plus, listening to conservatives on a regular basis helps me shape my own political beliefs. No matter which side you're on, it's easy to fall into the trap of listening only to the people you agree with the most. Media bubbles aren't exclusive to the Right and listening to the conservative political arguments helps keep me politically honest.

I don't often hear "The Joe Pags Show." Partly, it's just a matter of timing. I almost exclusively listen to talk radio when I'm driving and since his show doesn't start here in the Twin Cities until 5:00 p.m., I'm usually not in the car. And to be honest, I don't find listen to Pags all that enlightening. He's one of those hosts who says "I'll talk to anyone about anything," but what that mostly means is that he'll listen to what you say, then call you an idiot or an unwitting tool of the entertainment/political/education/socialism complex elite.

I was running an errand Wednesday evening & tuned in just time to hear him discussing how television is trying to normalize things like crossdressing, sexuality, etc. So I tweeted a quick response to him, more to let other people know what I had heard rather than to provoke him:

And Mr. Paggs weighed in with a response that includes a lot to unpack:

His talk show references are because I list being a former talk show host in my Twitter bio, although maybe the former is not clear enough? I'll update that. For the record, my talk radio career ended in the late 90s & at that time I was syndicated in about 30 markets. Certainly nowhere near Pag's success, but for a small, independent company I think we did some good things.

I'm assuming he's describing UCLA as a "far-left" college because they're in California. Although he doesn't generally seem to trust colleges in general. But if he doesn't trust the UCLA numbers, there are plenty of other studies around to choose from and they all report similar figures.

I'm not sure what the "use your eyes" comment refers to, but since he was so aggressively douchy in his response, I began to second-guess myself. "Surely, a media professional wouldn't be such an asshat if he weren't correct?" So I tracked down his podcast from last night, and transcribed the segment in question. It's a rough transcript and I might have missed a word here or there. But nothing that changes the essence of the monologue, which was inspired by the story of a photographer who encouraged boys to take pictures dressed as a princess:

If you actually watch television commercials or Hollywood, they're representing the American populace as about 50 or 60 percent Black. A good percentage - less than it really is because Hispanic is actually a larger number than Blacks in this country -  but you wouldn't know that from the advertising. The doctors are all ethnic. The white men are generally speaking the butt of the joke or the idiot in the commercial. 

The commercials depict a higher percentage than society shows who are homosexual or gay or whatever. And it's an attempt at normalizing. Now I'm not saying that I'm against black people or Hispanics or gays. But if in fact, we go by the provisions put forth by affirmative action, you would actually represent the community.

Let's say that you live in a community that is about 13 percent Black, which is about what it is nationwide. And Hispanic is actually a higher percentage than Black in this country. So you've got 13 percent, Black, you've got 30 percent Hispanic, you've got 40 percent, White, you've got x percent Asian. Your workforce should reflect that. That's what affirmative action basically did. It said you can't not have any Black people on staff, because the community is 13 or 15 or 30 percent, Black. You must show it.

But in television commercials - and now in primetime television - what you're finding is...if you're visiting this country, you would think we're 50-60 percent Black, all of our doctors, our dentists, our lawyers, our professionals are Black people.  And there are plenty that are - don't misunderstand me. And most of the others are also Hispanic. Generally speaking, most of our doctors and lawyers are Black, Hispanic women. White men are the idiots in our office. They're fat, they're the butt of the joke. If someone is going to give the right answer it's a Black person, a female, a Hispanic, maybe even a Muslim. 

I'm watching "The Voice" last night. And I remember watching it last week and it's a great show and I like to watch it. But NBC is another part of this mechanism that's trying to change what we see as normal. Last week I saw the same person, I believe it was the same girl - in a hijab standing behind Carson Daily. Now I'm offended by a hijab. I don't understand it, because I think it shows that you're somehow submissive to your husband - having said that, you live however you want to live. But the same girl I saw last week, wearing a hijab - these are live shows now - was also behind him last night. 

Here's an audience I'm assuming is between 500 and 1,000 people. I'm guessing she might be the only person there wearing this traditional Muslim headgear. For some reason, she was sat behind Carson Daily where you saw her 13 different times during the show. And people watching it are going, "Ooh, look at that! Look how diverse the audience is. I guess that's normal in America to have people walking around in a hijab." Which by the way represents 3 percent or maybe 5 percent of our population. It's not very normal. And in fact, it's abnormal to see that. Yet, we're trying to normalize it so that little boys wearing princess outfits is normal. People cross-dressing, basically, is normal. Every lawyer, every doctor, every professional is a Black person. Every athlete is a Black person, well, 80 percent of them actually are. Anyone who does the voiceover for a sports game needs to be a black person. 

The idiot in town is the white man. The guy who doesn't know how to change diapers is the white man. The guy who doesn't understand what his wife is saying is the white man. 

Plus, we are also seeing on television is about, I would say, 40 to 50 percent interracial couples. Which again, happens, but the real percentage is about 20 percent in our society. And I'm not against it. I'm not saying you shouldn't marry outside your race. I honestly don't care and God Bless you if you do, I have no problem whatsoever with it. But don't pretend it's 50 or 60 percent when the reality is much less than that. 

So we go from affirmative action, where you had to be a certain percentage reflecting our society to what we're actually seeing on television, that it's perfectly normal to crossdress, it's perfectly normal to have an interracial relationship, it's perfectly normal to be gay, it's perfectly normal to be trans, it's perfectly normal to have every doctor, every lawyer be a Hispanic or Black woman...at some point, we're trying to make our country look like what it's not. 

And there's nothing wrong with depicting it properly. There's nothing wrong with teaching our children that, yeah we have all religions, we have all backgrounds, all ethnicities, all genders. But here's the truth of about what our society looks like if you put it in place. We have actual data that shows who we are as a people. 

Hmm....it appears to me that my off-the-cuff tweets were a pretty accurate representation of the segment from his show. So all I can say is...

"Joe, try and listen better. Such a typical conservative post."

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